Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well, that was unpleasant

Early this morning we bundled all three dogs into the car and took them to the vet for their yearly checkup. As some readers may recall, Cairo has historically had difficulties with carsickness. We thought he was over it.

Unfortunately, the road leading to the vet's office is a curvy one, and he began looking a little peaked. And then suddenly I looked in the back seat and saw that he had thrown up everywhere--mostly on Silver.

Silver was frozen in silent horror. There was vomit all down her chest, in the feathering on both of her elbows, and throughout her long, fluffy tail. It seeped down the seat and coated three of her feet.

I started giggling hysterically, the kind of laughing you do when you are absolutely helpless in the face of something really awful. We had to stop at a gas station to buy a liter of water and a roll of paper towels. When we got to the vet's office, I sent the s.o. in first with Gracie while I tried to wash poor Silver. She was trembling all over; whether it was from the coldness of the water or from the trauma of being covered in kibbley goo, I cannot tell. All was well eventually, but it was a pretty rough way to start out the morning.

I'm sure many of you who are parents have experienced the sibling-vomiting-on-sibling thing, but it was a new one on me.