Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We ran out of potatoes for our 100-Mile Thanksgiving, so yesterday I sent out an S.O.S. to my fellow farmer's marketers. Luckily someone will be able to help me out with some nice floury bakers! But along the way I have learned one important thing:

If you ask Southerners for potatoes, be sure to say white potatoes, or many people will assume you mean sweet potatoes.

Who knew sweet potatoes could be the default? Fascinating.

In other news, I have started using the old Manor Menu blog again after a long lapse. It's now called 10 Signs Food Diary and is at a new URL. I'm doing it for two reasons:

• I'm eager to see how much the Eat Local Challenge has changed my diet over the long term.

• I have a sneaking suspicion I sometimes eat overly rich food containing too few vegetables. I know, it's shocking! But I think it may be true. And it makes me wonder: If a person who grows her own vegetables and cooks almost 100% of her food from scratch can have this problem, how is the average American doing?

Follow along and see how I do! I will note local (100-mile) and regional (contiguous states) foods as they occur, and I will link to the cookbook I've used wherever possible.