Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A big event

The winter ryegrass I planted in Chicken Run B has sprouted lush and green! The chix are looking hungrily at the tiny seedlings through the fence*, but it will still be quite a while before they can be let in. They will have to content themselves with the perfectly adequate Chicken Run A for the time being.

I know it sounds odd to say this, but this is the first time I really feel like a farmer instead of, say, a rather obsessive gardener. It's the first time I have planted pasture for animals. Cool, eh?

Sorry if I am a little bit scarce this week. The family is in town for Thanksgiving, and I'm much more focused on hanging out with them than on sitting at the computer. I'll be back in my usual chair by the weekend!


* At least two of the birds have a firsthand understanding of what's going on over there. While I was planting, a couple of the Barred Rock girls wormed their way out the door and started eating seeds as fast as they could. A chicken rodeo ensued.