Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick comments hurled over the wall

• More torrential rain. All but one of my teeny tomato seedlings killed off.

• Currently grossed out by anything tasting remotely like kefir. It was fine at first, but now I can't even look at it. Even today's kefir-based sourdough seemed creepy to me. Fate of kefir grains uncertain.

• Unable to motivate self to do anything besides watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall DVDs for the nth time. Wept over Christmas episode.

• Washed dogs because they kind of smelled and were wet anyway. Cairo gave me an inadvertent wet-tail-to-face lashing and apparently the noise I made was quite comical.

• Trouble sleeping. Got out of bed at 1 AM last night and regrouted a cracked place in the bathroom tile.

• Head over heels for fresh local Italian honey figs. Pretty sure they are not even the same phylum as grocery store figs. There had better still be figs at the farmer's market when I get back home...