Monday, March 27, 2006

CNE is out of sorts

We've noticed an unusual amount of activity over at Crazy Neighbor Ed's place the last couple of days. It's probably attributable to the fact that the s.o. has acquired:

(1) a snazzy steel cart that can be pulled by our riding lawnmower, and

(2) a chainsaw.

As many of you know, CNE is the king of lawn-related one-upmanship. It drives him absolutely crazy when we do something to our yard; he can't stop himself from immediately doing something that requires more horsepower. We have occasionally taken unfair advantage of this trait for our own amusement, e.g., mowing our lawn five minutes after he has finished his.

Yesterday the s.o. was chainsawing apart a giant pine log that's been lying forever in the area we intend to make our vineyard. It was far too huge to move, and only now do we have a way to do something about it. I saw CNE walk past, near the property line, and stop to take a long look at the s.o. Then he walked purposefully into his garage.

One minute and thirty seconds later, we heard CNE firing up his tiller.

Today CNE mowed his entire lawn and then proceeded to set three burn piles alight. I have been quietly, non-horsepoweredly planting cherry trees. I am not the sort of person to engage in CNE-baiting.