Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spring has sprung

It seems like our spring vacation is a sort of dividing point every year. We leave while it's still winter, and we come home to find it 83 and sunny with blossoms exploding everywhere.

I spent the entire day outdoors, fertilizing and digging. I planted a ginormous rhubarb root that Maggie sent me (I can't thank you enough, my friend, and I'm glad you're feeling better), and I made major improvements to the garden, filling in new seeds where old ones hadn't germinated or had been done in by slugs and bugs. I started entire new rows of lettuces, arugula, and tendergreen mustard. I moved some indoor starts to the greenhouse.

I picked a cabbage for slaw, and tomorrow we'll be having pasta with some of the winter arugula crop.

The s.o. fired up the mower and did his first lawn-cutting of the year. He grumbles good-naturedly about the early spring mowings because he has to circumscribe all the clumps of naturalized daffodils that have lived here longer than we have.

Never a dull moment around here. The good news is that you can garden all year 'round. The bad news is that you can garden all year 'round.