Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get the word out

On this chilly morning, I think it's a perfect time to mention--for only the first of many times, I'm sure--that the Eat Local Challenge will be in May this year.

I have told Jen at Life Begins at 30, who is the bloggy steward of the Eat Local effort, that I will make it my personal mission to try to recruit as many of you as possible for this year's effort. So get hoppin', all of you. Start some herbs on a sunny windowsill. Break the soil as soon as it's workable and throw in some radish and bok choy seeds (both of which mature with lightning speed). Plot and scheme so that when May arrives, you'll know where to go and who to talk to to get the best your area has to offer. It's early, yes, but someone has a greenhouse!

You don't have to do anything heroic. You can claim exemptions, and you don't have to limit yourself to Locavores' 100-mile radius. And no one will take you out back and shoot you if you fall off the wagon. The important thing is to raise awareness...and to pass it on. Why should we use our precious, shrinking petroleum resources to ship foods thousands of miles? Why shouldn't we know the farmer who grows what we eat?

More pleas and encouragements will follow.