Friday, September 22, 2006


At last I'm getting a decent harvest of summer squash! These are ready to eat, and there are more in the wings. Here's how I finally nailed it:

(1) Successive plantings until the crop happens to coincide with a natural dip in squash bug population (and an absence of squash vine borers).

(2) Planting squashes far away from one another, mixed in with other plants such as tomatoes and radishes.

(3) Patrolling the garden every single morning, while the insects are sluggish, picking the bugs off and dropping them into a jar of soapy water (this is also how I finally got ahead of the leaf-footed bugs that were blemishing the tomatoes).


I am taking a few things to the Oconee Farmer's Market in the morning, but these are not among them. They are ours, all ours. In fact, we already ate the zucchini, and it was delicious.