Thursday, September 21, 2006


Blogger throttled my last attempt to post, so I'm slapping this up quickly in hopes of outwitting it. Here, at least, is a photo of the contents of the gift bags the s.o. and I got at Stitch 'n' Pitch! What a fantastic experience.

Best part: Two elderly bearded gentleman a couple of rows behind us, knitting gorgeous stuff. One wore a t-shirt that said "Man enough to knit, strong enough to purl." The cameramen kept putting them up on the big screen (which, at Turner Field, is mightily big).

Second best part: A woman in the row in front of us cross-stitching a very complex and (admittedly) very beautiful science fiction motif. I have decided that sci-fi/fantasy cross-stitchers are the true badasses of the hobby world, blissfully double-geeking their way through life.