Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getcher crumb cakes here!

The next town down the road from us had its Christmas Bazaar this weekend, and the 10 Signs Garden & Gourmet table was there. We didn't bring any vegetables; it was all baked goods and preserves. Buttermilk pie, apple pie, cinnamon crumb cakes, cowboy cookies, cranberry coffeecake, pumpkin cake, and the s.o.'s top secret "magic bars" were on the menu. We did a nice brisk business considering that the setup for the event was sort of diffuse. There were booths all along the parade route, and some areas were definitely more populated than others.

Did I say "parade route"? Oh, yes.

I am posting this snapshot of a very stylish drum corps mainly because (due to privacy concerns) I can't post a photo of the s.o. and his friends riding on our town's fire truck. Oh, was I proud. A lot of the firefighters' kids were riding on the truck along with them, and the s.o. was teaching them how to wave like the Queen of England. Beautiful.

The s.o. is a marketing genius, by the way. At the end of the day I had a whole plate of cinnamon crumb cakes left over. He suggested I take them with me as I walked to the lot where our car was parked, selling them at half price. I followed the parade route (where people were still gathered in small clusters) yelling like a peanut vendor in a ballpark. I sold every single one! Half price is a lot better than no price, and now I will not be obliged to eat them myself.