Friday, December 29, 2006

Rooster exchange accomplished

I met Maggie! She's awesome. And, although I don't know why I would have pictured her at any particular height, taller than I had expected.

We met at a nice little brewpub in Greenville, South Carolina--approximately halfway between our houses--to exchange roosters. She wanted a Speckled Sussex rooster, and I happened to have one extra. Meanwhile, she had a rooster that kept attacking her daughter. So we swapped. Here's mine, avoiding me:

I wish all of you could have seen the actual grabbing and exchanging of chickens in the parking deck. Yes, both of them tried to make a run/flap for it, but we were too quick for them. It was a moment for the ages.

I've met enough "internet people" that you'd think I would no longer be surprised by how cool they often turn out to be. But when you're brought together by common interests--and when you've already read the Cliff's Notes on their daily lives--it's just so easy. I highly recommend getting out there and meeting your bloggy pals!