Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beauty in imperfection

I can't believe it took me this long to spot this, but this morning I noticed that our lovely* Bourbon Red turkey hen's left eye is crossed!

My guess, then, is that she was the poult with the bulging, infected eye--the tiny feathery thing that the s.o. and I nursed back to health against the odds. Until now, I'd had no way of knowing whether it was her or one of her Bourbon brethren.

This makes me all the more fond of her.

* "Lovely" is in the, er, eye of the beholder when it comes to turkeys. J has pointed out that this particular hen bears a striking resemblance to Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. But for a turkey, I think she is unusually pretty.** Her plumage is bright copper, and her head is softly fuzzy. And maybe it's that crossed eye that gives her her endearingly dim look. Or maybe that's part and parcel of being a turkey...

** As I reread this, I notice that it could be interpreted to say that J is a turkey. Rest assured that this is not my intention. J is pretty, and her plumage is bright copper. This, however, is where the similarity ends.