Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day

Normally, being a freelance writer is about as flexible as jobs get. But tomorrow morning I happen to be driving to Savannah for a conference. That means I'll be missing Valentine's Day with the s.o. Since we knew in advance it would be happening that way, we went out to dinner tonight.

The Chinese/Japanese restaurant down by the lake is really better than an Asian restaurant in rural Georgia has any right to be. We started out with an Alaska roll. Then we worked our way through the best pu pu platter we've ever had*, which came with a teeny little flaming hibachi that I was afraid I'd catch myself on fire on. Then we split a seafood entree, which was full of big sea scallops and broccoli and shrimp and crab and asparagus. Then we each ate a piece of eel sashimi. The waiter brought out orange slices and almond cookies for dessert.

It was delicious. Romantic, too, even when the waiter walked around to all the "Happy Valentine's Day" mylar balloons and pushed the buttons that made their little electronic innards sing love songs.

This is what Valentine's Day should be like. No overpriced gifts, no false expectations, no hype. Just two people who love each other spending a little quality time in each other's presence.

* Yes, better than the one we had at the Mai Kai during last year's Spring Training vacation. That's really saying something.