Saturday, February 05, 2005

Pursuant to previous things

1. I am still sick, sort of. I thought I was getting better, but then I relapsed. But I figure as long as I'm not coughing up anything gross-looking, I'm okay, right? Mainly I just have a runny nose and still can't sleep without decongestants.

2. The productivity tools appear to actually be helping me. I've been getting tons done, both on my job and on the house, and haven't neglected the reading of my usual blogs or the perusal of my usual TV shows, either. *grin* It feels nice--and extremely unusual, I might add--to be ahead of the game on all my writing assignments. I really need to cultivate this.

3. My diet is going really well. I'm eating as close to perfectly, nutritionally speaking, as I ever have in my life. (Props to Fitday, which helps me remember to eat that extra piece of fruit or that much-needed serving of legumes instead of, say, even more chocolate than I already usually eat.) I am within half a pound of my goal weight and appear to be plateauing there, which is absolutely fine with me.

4. [Boys, tune out now while you have a chance! This is something you will probably wish you hadn't read if you read it.] I have had my period forever. Absolutely forever. Like, a month. I normally have some, er, patchiness, because I have a Copper-T IUD (ladies, e-mail me offblog if you are curious about what this is like...doctors in the U.S. are reluctant to recommend them because of the Dalkon Shield ugliness a few decades ago, but they are very safe now and I think they are a much better option than taking gratuitous hormones every day). But I always have a definable period and a definable not-period. Not so this month. It's as though someone took my regular period and stretched it out over 30 days. Both the s.o. and I are rather disgruntled about this. No PMS, though, at least. Always look on the sunny side.

5. I got F. to work for me again this week, and I am going to visit the bar owner in a few days and quit the bartending job altogether. I'm tired of my sleep schedule being thrown off so much. I worry about the drive home--so late at night, and with me in such a groggy state. And I guess I've gotten to the point where, if I'm gonna go downtown, I want to be free to goof around and go wherever I like. I have enjoyed bartending, and I'm really glad I picked up the skills. I've made wonderful friends. But I think it's time to start hanging out with them on a purely non-work basis. I need to devote my work energy to writing and editing.