Thursday, February 24, 2005

Oh yeah...

A navarin of lamb from Jacques Pépin's Simple and Healthy Cooking, which I always involuntarily pronounce "Sample and Hell-tee Cookeeng," and you probably would, too, if you had spent as much time as I have watching Jacques' show on PBS. I love Jacques Pépin. Not only is he a font of knowledge, but he's goofy and smiley. I think of him as the French Fred Flintstone.

His navarin--at least his lowfat one--is a little odd in that it doesn't have turnips in it, which I thought was a requirement. But I secretly don't like turnips all that much (I grow them for their delicious greens, and for their self-esteem value--i.e., they grow like scary radioactive weeds, so by virtue of their inevitable success they make you feel like a Real Gardener), so no complaints here. Two thumbs way up.

Friday has suddenly taken on a cheerier and more leisurely character because a key interviewee for my article has been sick and hasn't called me back. The editor has given me additional time to interview him and then finish writing. Cue music from Ferris Bueller's Day Off...

Gosh, that sounded irresponsible. Joking! Joking!