Thursday, June 16, 2005


1. Got garden back in control.

2. Made two quarts of refrigerator pickles, using all but two cucumbers. (Recipe: Fill jars with cucumber and sweet onion slices, then pour over a mixture of sugar, white vinegar, white wine vinegar, and celery seed, mixed to taste. Should be quite sweet. You will be surprised by how much sugar you need. As its name implies, this is kept in the fridge, not canned for posterity.)

3. Replenished eternal and much beloved jar of pickled beets.

4. Made batch of cucumber and radish raita to go with last night's Indian dinner (which, by the way, used all the beet greens in a greens-and-potatoes kind of thing). Didn't like the raita much. Will go back to usual banana/coconut/mustard seed raita next time. But hey, it's always worth it to try something new.

5. Made batch of squash muffins, using the "Muffin Madness" recipe in The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.

6. Put away all the specialty groceries I got in St. Louis at Trader Joe's, World Market, and Penzey's, none of which we have here.

7. Last but definitely not least, made a really good batch of fresh peach sorbet in my new CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKER, which I got at a thrift store in Chattanooga. It rocks. New toy! New toy! Woo!