Monday, June 06, 2005

Service interruption

I'm leaving tomorrow to attend Twangfest in St. Louis. I'll be gone until next Monday. I might post. I might even post pictures. But I might not, either.

I hoed a bunch in the garden so I can be assured it will be somewhat manageable when I get back. I don't want a repeat of last year, when I lost my grip on it by midsummer. It looks quite nice and neat now, and there are eggplants, yellow crookneck squashes, and maybe even tomatoes that should be ready to eat by the time I return. The deer have already done their worst (again) to my beans, okra, chard, etc., so I don't anticipate any further surprises there.

I was also encouraged to find that one of my cucumber plants is fruiting like crazy. There are pickles in our future! Oh, and my zucchini--just planted this week--is coming up.

Jeez, this turned into a boring farm report, didn't it? Right now I'm too tired to write any more...