Saturday, July 30, 2005

Photographic evidence

We went fishing near an archeological site called Scull Shoals this afternoon. I caught an adorable tiny catfish, and I'm so proud of it that I decided to show you this photo of me holding it.* We threw it back, of course. I then proceeded to catch some really nice-sized bream. Click here for the full photo album.

The fishing stream was such a pristine place.** Turtles popped up out of the water and eyed us. Great blue herons flapped overhead, croaking to each other. The herons were so giant and awe-inspiring that at those moments, the marshland seemed like Jurassic Park. We just stood there with our mouths hanging open.

* I was out fishing in a light rain in grungy clothes...not my most photogenic moment. Still, I've looked far worse when I was trying to look far better. So, um, that's me.

** Aside from a rather surreal Athens Banner-Herald newspaper box by the water's edge. We really couldn't figure that one out.