Thursday, July 14, 2005

We have a wiener, er, I mean...

Congratulations to David, who, although he did go for the cheap laff, did it with aplomb. David, please e-mail me your street address, as well as any food preferences, allergies, etc.

All of the entries were fantastic. David also submitted another great jpeg that was tamer, yet significantly weirder. And the rest of you slayed us with:

“Get out of my way, dicknose.”

“Tomatillo Envy”

"Son, just because you're different doesn't mean we
don't love you."

Tomato in Foghorn Leghorn voice: “Go..I say..go away boy. Ya botha me.”

"Who invited that tacky tomatillo?"

Tomatillo in a Mae West voice: "So, is that a cucumber in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

"Ketchup Fodder"

"What on earth have you done to your hair?"

"Goofus and Gallant"

“If the missus comes back and finds it gone...Ooooh, what she'll do to me.”

"So are those your seeds, or are you just happy to see me?"


"Seasoning's Greetings"

My mother, who is naturally disqualified from the competition because, well, she's my mother, submitted two of my absolute favorites:

"You mean you are small and green AND you don't have a nose?"

and, even better:

"I know it is tight quarters for a duck, but I am only hiding out here until the end of hunting season."

I love all of you. This was hilarious and we'll do it again soon.