Saturday, April 15, 2006

I believe the children are our future

Oh, the cuteness. Oh, the unbearable cuteness.

We have put a deposit down on a ram lamb for delivery in July. His name is currently Green #8, although I suspect we will be able to improve on that. Assuming his conformation and temperament turn out to be what we expect--and barring any unforeseen events--he'll be the sire of a long line of 10 Signs Blackbelly sheep.

We also have a line on some ewe lambs in south Georgia that'll be weaned by July. We want to get the breeding stock from different places so the genetics will be as diverse as possible. It's pretty hard to get hold of Blackbelly ewes, so wish us luck.

I wish you could hear Green #8 bleat. He says "Maaaaa-huh? Maaaaaaaaaa-huh?" I would have recorded a .wav file, but I was already being a little bit of a pest with the camera.