Friday, April 07, 2006

Nearly there

Can you see it in the photo? The square of unturned dirt in the back center of the garden? That's all I have left to dig. Sweet.

Today I dug and planted 16 squash and melon hills (partly visible in the back left), transplanted a row of Hopi red dye amaranth that had been growing in the greenhouse, and planted two more rows of Parmex carrots. That's more than I thought I'd get done, so I'm feeling very happy with myself.

Next up: cucumbers. I'm keeping the tomatoes and eggplants in the greenhouse until Tuesday or Wednesday in order to get (hopefully) the last couple of 45-degree nights out of the way.

Oh, those two dots in the middle back, by the edge of the woods, partially obscured? Those are the beehives.