Saturday, August 19, 2006

No, thanks

Mmm, delicious--yet another Frankenfoodish way for the food distribution industry to prolong the saleability of old, rank meat.

Or maybe I'm just suspicious because I've had to throw out three shrink-wrapped chickens (organic ones, even) in the past year because they were rotten before their sell-by date. The producers would have hidden or mitigated the decay if they could've. And we would have eaten it, never suspecting that it had sat too long, been kept too warm, or been dropped on the filthy floor.

Bacteria-eating viruses sound as though they might make food safer and potentially save lives, but we all know processors will use the new technology to make up for even more sloppiness and corner-cutting in their meat production. And there's no way bacteriophages can eat all the types of sickness-causing bacteria that grow on rotten meat. If they were broad-spectrum enough to do that, they'd be dangerous for us to consume.

And people wonder why we are raising our own poultry!