Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OLS 8: Marx Bros. version

It's One Local Summer time again. I had thought this week's entry might be roast turkey, but it's looking as though I won't get a chance to slaughter a turkey before the weekend. And then it'll have to rest for a couple of days before I roast it. So maybe next week!

So here, instead, is something that should look slightly familiar. This hearty pot of duck soup is the third meal we've gotten from the duck we roasted last week. (The other was duck and gravy with ciabatta bread.) The soup is full of our homegrown vegetables and herbs, and is a perfect venue for our creamy white potatoes, which are practically melting into the broth.

We wrapped up the meal with whole wheat blueberry cornmeal cake--something I adapted from a recipe in Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.


Duck - our own (0 miles)
Vidalia onion - south Georgia (about 150 miles)
Garlic - either ours (0 miles) or a friend's (25 miles), I can't remember which
Carrots, potatoes, green and wax beans, parsley, and oregano - our own (0 miles)
Salt, pepper, sherry, and a handful of orzo - not local

Blueberries - Watkinsville, Ga. (30 miles)
Red Mule Cornmeal - Athens, Ga. (35 miles)
Logan Turnpike Mill whole wheat flour - Blairsville, Ga. (125 miles)
Most other ingredients (eggs, sugar, etc.) from various locations in Florida and North Carolina