Thursday, August 31, 2006

OLS 10: Delicious antioxidant explosion

This week has been, predictably, turkeypalooza. From last week's roasted bird, we progressed to turkey, bacon, and peas in a cream sauce over pasta; then to turkey soup; and tomorrow we expect to thicken the remaining soup into a filling for turkey pot pie. There is also turkey lunchmeat and a giant baggie of assorted turkey bits in the freezer.

But I already posted leftovers once for One Local Summer. It would seem like a cop-out to do it again. So here's something completely new and, if I do say so myself, representative of the very best Georgia has to offer.

Earlier this year we froze a big batch of the blackberry barbecue sauce from this recipe. Putting it up beforehand makes cooking the ribs a snap. And today was cool and rainy--¡Hola, Ernesto!--so I didn't hesitate to bake a giant rack of ribs from our Dyal Farms half-pig.

Meanwhile, I boiled a few cobs of corn that the s.o. froze during July while I was traveling. And we topped off the meal with the year's first luscious scuppernong grape pie. (The secret I learned today: Put foil all around the edges of the pie and bake it way longer than you think you need to. Finally the grape hulls will soften. And then--bliss.)

I am really proud of this week's meal. I think it's some of my best work! (The photos are uninspired. But can't you just smell the pork ribs?)

Here's where it all came from.

Blackberries - our own
Pork ribs - Dyal Farms, Cobbtown, Ga. (132 mi.)
Corn on the cob - our own
Scuppernong grapes - Paulk Vineyards, Wray, Ga. (213 mi.)
Southern Biscuit Flour - Newton, N.C. (245 mi.)