Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wedding feast

"The table had been set up in the cart shed. On it were four sirloin roasts, six chicken fricassees, a veal casserole, three legs of mutton and, in the center, a beautiful roast suckling pig flanked by four large sausages made of chitterlings and sorrel. At the corners stood decanters of brandy. The cider was foaming up around the corks and every glass had been filled to the brim with wine. Big dishes of yellow custard, on whose smooth surface the newlyweds' initials had been inscribed in arabesques of sugar-coated almonds, quivered whenever the table was given the slightest knock. The pies and nougat had been ordered from a confectioner in Yvetot. Since he had just opened up shop in the district he had done his best to make a good impression, and when it was time for dessert he personally carried in a wedding cake which brought forth a chorus of exclamations. Its base was a square of blue cardboard representing a temple with porticos and colonnades, adorned on all sides with stucco statuettes standing in niches studded with gilded paper stars. The second tier consisted of a fortified castle tower made of spongecake, surrounded by smaller fortifications of angelica, almonds, raisins and sections of orange. And finally, on the top layer, which was a green meadow with rocks, jelly lakes and hazelnut-shell boats, a little cupid was swinging in a chocolate swing whose two uprights were tipped with real rosebuds."

--Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary