Thursday, July 22, 2004

House Beautiful

It's finally happened. I've started working on the house again, in earnest. I've spent the last two nights sanding and priming the trim in the dining room. I should be able to paint it within the next several days (generous time allotted because there is an eleven-foot-high beadboard ceiling involved)! And then I can sand and paint the walls. Imagine having another room finished. Ahhh.

We have been so burned out for months. When you work every day for a year on a house--especially one that starts out filthy, broken, without modern services, and full of wild animals--it grinds you down so that you can't even look at it anymore. So basically, once we finished the basics and the bank gave the OK, we just stopped. We've been living in about 3/5 of our house ever since.

I'm finally able to face it again. Although I must admit that the work is still just as grim as I remembered it. My neck hurts!