Sunday, July 25, 2004


• My mother sent me a postcard of Edith Wharton in a really spiffy suit, posed with her two dogs (Papillons, maybe?) on her shoulders. Mom stopped at Wharton's estate in the Berkshires recently when she was traveling. Apparently Wharton was a dog lover and an amazing interior decorator, and is even credited with "inventing" interior design as a discipline.

• One of my friends got married yesterday. There was a wonderful reception at her parents' grand old restored home. The house gave me a little bit of an inferiority complex--it's the kind of thing I would aspire to if I actually had money--but was absolutely the perfect place for a big "do" like that. The buffet and cakes were indoors, and the seating was outside. It was hotter than hell, but they had lots of shade tents on the big catwalk-style balcony, and the lower level was cooled by giant industrial fans. Lots of big anodized washtubs full of ice and drinks, too. And the food was spectacular.

• The s.o. invited a friend over and barbecued a pork roast yesterday while I was out. He's getting scarily good at barbecuing. Pork sandwich for lunch today!