Thursday, September 16, 2004

Modernizing the office, continued

MacZone Order Summary

1 NEW Apple iPod 20GB MP3 Player for Mac/PC



These are slated to replace:

1 Panasonic Mini Cassette Recorder, model RQ-L31, which has a malfunctioning rewind button and a strange glitch that causes it to turn itself off spontaneously

approx. 1,000,000 disorganized cassette tapes with illegible dates scribbled on them, which create a colossal mess because I am required to keep interviews for two years until the statute of limitations on libel expires


And now it should be apparent what inspired me to buy the new computer: a technology breakthrough that will allow me to stop scouring Big Lots for packs of obsolete cassette tapes! The iPod and its recorder aren't compatible with the old laptop. So I had to get with the program.

I'm very excited and I will be listening for package-like thumping noises on the front porch...those DHL delivery men are wily...