Friday, September 03, 2004


I try to be an open-minded person. I try to avoid gratuitously using the word "Repugnican" for "Republican" (although it's appropriate, and funny to boot). And last night, as the the Republican National Convention wrapped up with George W. Bush's speech, I tried very hard to find something I liked.

I found something. It was his suit and tie, which were lovely.

Other than that, the speech was best suited to drinking games. If you took a drink of your beer every time he said "safer" or "terrorists," you could get pretty drunk.

As for the rest of the convention, here's a link to a refutation of what Zell Miller and his ilk are saying about John Kerry's voting record. My greatest criticism of the Democratic party is that it seems curiously unable to defend itself against slander by the cynical opportunists on the other side, so it's important that the rest of us spread the word.

The best thing about the RNC was that MSNBC pundit Joe Scarborough hosted "After Hours" convention coverage with independent Ron Reagan. Their fair, thoughtful convention coverage has been just about the only thing of its kind on American TV that's watchable.

Other than that, it's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart is careful to remind viewers, over and over again, that he hosts a comedy show. But it's that very fact that gives him the leeway to be a real journalist--to refuse to let his interviewees get away with pat answers and soundbites. No one can fling accusations that he's not being "fair and balanced," because he's supposed to be making fun of people. His bullshit detector is fine-tuned, and as a result he has become one of the most important commentators of our time.

Well, anyway, this should be an interesting couple of months ahead...


Addendum: I forgot about Bill Maher. I freaking love Bill Maher. Credit where it's due, etc.