Monday, September 20, 2004


Beth includes very intriguing/inspiring playlists in her posts, so I thought I'd say what has shuffled through my iTunes this morning. Imitation is the sincerest form, etc., etc.

Robbie Fulks - "Let's Kill Saturday Night"
Bare Jr. - "Faker"
Guided by Voices - "Everywhere with Helicopter"
The Glands - "Livin' Was Easy"
The Damnations - "Quarter in the Couch"
The Plimsouls - "Oldest Story in the World"
Death Cab for Cutie - "The New Year"

I got up early to call my mechanic. This weekend I found out there's oil getting into one of my spark plugs. I don't think this bodes particularly well, but who knows? Are we talking about a head gasket here, or something less dramatic? Hopefully nothing more dramatic. The mechanic told me to stop by after lunch.

I'm so tired that I keep forgetting I've made coffee, so I haven't had any yet. Time to fix that NOW.



• I got my iPod in the mail! It's wonderful. It's also smaller than I expected it to be. I mean, I had probably read about 100 different times that it was the size of a deck of cards, but it's different now that I'm holding one in my hand. I'll have to be careful not to lose it! The first song it played for me was the Silos' "Commodore Peter."

• Best-case scenario on the car. The mechanic says it's the head cover gasket and the four little seals that go with it. He's ordering the part(s) today and I'm supposed to drop by again at 10 AM tomorrow for him to install them. "It'll take longer to clean it up than to install it," he says. "No big deal."