Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brief absence

I apologize for the low number of posts this week. I've been scrambling to get 1001 things done before driving to St. Louis for a wedding (yes, it's 11 hours, but wouldn't you rather drive than fly these days? and plus, I can bring back cases of Two-Buck Chuck and other whatnot that would be inadmissible on the airlines). I'll be leaving this afternoon, back Monday.

This week we have managed to:

• Get the plastic on the hoophouse (this was mostly the s.o.'s doing, but I helped hold the plastic to keep it from flapping in the gale that decided to blow that day)
• Dig a ton of bulbs (completely the s.o.)
• Transplant 13 healthy little radicchios into the garden
• Dig the sweet potatoes--and there were more than I expected, considering what a hopelessly clayey, unimproved section of the garden I had put them in
• Dry quite a lot of Principe Borghese tomatoes--and there are plenty more ripening in the hoophouse
• Put up 5 jars of radish relish and 20 of pear-citrus marmalade (most of the previous batch was sold at the farmer's market, and we can't have that, can we? we needs it)
• Pick almost all the rest of the pears; there are not as many as last year, but they are better quality.

Whew! Now to finish a little work before I hit the road...