Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Which fair shall we go to this week?

Yes, we went to another one! (October is really a wonderful time to be in Georgia, let me tell you.)

This time it was the Morgan County Fair, which was comparable in size and offerings to last week's Madison County Fair. The difference: This one had 4-H sheep and goat judging! We arrived near the end of the goat contests, but got a chance to see all the sheep. The numbers were quite meager--sheep aren't big around here, and in fact most of the animals were shown by the same few youngsters, who'd leave the ring after one round only to enter it at the beginning of the next. But there was a judge from the University of Georgia who was really interesting to listen to, and it was cool to see how the kids handled the animals. I learned a few things.

The girl in the background of this photo (sorry it's so dark and blurry--I obviously didn't want to spook the sheep with the flash) raked in the ribbons, big time. Having your sheep come in third or fourth in its weight class at the Morgan County Fair must be kind of discouraging, because that means you really didn't cut it.

Immediately after the sheep show, the s.o. and I headed for the food vendors, and I ate an assortment of food so godawful that I tremble at typing it: a corn dog and part of an order of chili cheese fries. I figure "When in Rome," etc. The corn dog, despite being at heart a nasty amalgamation of animal pieces-parts that I normally wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole, was actually extraordinarily good--really crispily fried and flavorful. But the s.o. was squeamish at the very sight of it, having had a memorable corn-dog-sick experience as a youth. (He finished my chili cheese fries, though.)

Finally, unrelatedly, here is the photo I probably ought to have posted with yesterday's entry. Woo hoo!