Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We diurnal creatures miss out on all the fun

This morning when I went out to feed the birds, I encountered a "situation." The portable electric fence was down in two different places, and stakes had been flung every which way. Upon closer inspection, I found a couple of tears in the netting. It took me a good half hour to return the fence to some semblance of its former glory--and all of it had to be done before the ducks (who were noisily quacking in the background) could be let out to play.

Our best guess is that a deer got itself tangled in the fence. The s.o. had changed the configuration the previous day, so probably the animal just blundered into it, got caught, and was shocked repeatedly before it managed to rip itself free. I'll speculate that the deer had no antlers, because if it had, the destruction probably would have been total!

I am part annoyed, part amused. Luckily for the deer, the fence is low-voltage and the pulse is intermittent. So it's not as though the poor animal was getting tasered; more like it was having involuntary electrolysis. Nevertheless, it didn't like it one bit.

I wonder if we will have fewer hooved visitors for a while. Do deer talk amongst themselves?