Thursday, October 05, 2006

While I'm handing out recipe accolades

Hats off to the current issue of Bust*, which contains a very easy and delicious recipe for homemade chai. It's basically a half-cup of good black tea and a lot of nice whole spices, simmered in 12 cups of water for half an hour. (This makes a concentrate, which you combine with milk and sugar as you need it.) I made it last night and drank a couple of cups while watching a movie.

The s.o. walked into the kitchen while the spiced tea was simmering. "It smells like Pier 1 in here," he remarked.

Yeah, but it's good stuff. What's left has been stored in an ex-vodka bottle in the fridge for future occasions. I am very pleased to have learned this new trick!

* By the way, I bought the magazine because it contained an article featuring several 30-something female veggie farmers in Providence. They're all kind of punk-rock and vintage-clothesy, but they are dead serious. They are raising awareness and working their tails off. The article makes the point that the average Rhode Island farmer is 58 years old and male. We need to grow more farmers!