Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Almost like grownups

Aaaaaaaaah! So happy!

We just bought this dining room set from a friend in town. We are absolutely in love with it. It's the warmth it brings to the room that I find especially pleasing. And I love its curvy sleekness.

I think it's from the 1940s--anyone know enough about furniture to say for sure? (The image pops to full size if you need to see it more closely.) The banquette and china cabinet have very cool tortoiseshell Bakelite discs on their handles. The table has something we've never seen before: a self-storing leaf that can be swung up from underneath when you pull the two halves of the table apart.

It still has the tags on the back from when it was delivered by train to its original owner! It was manufactured by the Lenoir Furniture Company in North Carolina and sold through Sears Roebuck.

Hey, Mom? We'd like to host Thanksgiving again this year...now that we have a table and everything. :-)