Monday, February 26, 2007


Literally hundreds of tomato seedlings, of approximately 15 different varieties, are sprouting Chez 10 Signs.

The s.o. decided this winter that I was not approaching the tomato issue with enough gusto. We use a lot of tomatoes. And people who go to farmers' markets buy more tomatoes than probably all other vegetables combined. It's the one veg where the message has gotten across loud and clear: Everyone knows that a homegrown tomato is better than a storebought one.

So the s.o. has marked off a large swath of the north field. It will be devoted almost completely to tomatoes, with a few Picklebush cukes and insect-repelling flowers thrown in. Meanwhile, I'll be raising the remaining tomatoes in the main garden.

We'll be growing tons of Sungolds and Sungellas again, because they are simply out of this world. There will be more Principe Borgheses, because we love our homemade sun-dried tomatoes. There will be a few kinds of Romas and Cherries, including tiny Riesentraubes. There will be Marmandes and Prudens Purples for the beefsteak tomato lovers.

But the one variety I'm most excited about is the Green Zebras. I used to grow them very successfully in Minnesota, and I loved their tart vegetal freshness and their cheerful stripes. Obviously I have no idea what they'll do in Georgia--maybe nothing! But I hope they flourish, and I hope everyone around here gets a chance to discover them.

Cross your fingers for NO MORE DROUGHT, everyone! Let's have, for once, a year with plenty of evenly spaced gentle rains, interspersed by mild warm sunniness. What a crazy dream...