Thursday, February 22, 2007

Everyday natural wonders

It is 70 degrees and sunny today. Hallelujah!

While filling the turkeys' waterer, I spotted no fewer than 10 happy, fuzzy honeybees in my immediate vicinity. They were sucking nectar from those purple-flowered minty-looking plants that (ahem) dominate poorly maintained lawns. I love our bees' ability to find food all through the winter. Our bee teacher has not been so lucky; some of his bees got overenthusiastic during the warm January weather and laid more eggs than they could keep up with. When it got cold again, they starved to death before he even knew there was a problem and could start feeding them.

And then there was a third turkey egg, just as beautiful as the first two. I thought turkeys were supposed to be poor layers! Maybe this is just their best season.

To top it all off, we are having our friend L2 and her husband over for Indian food and Idol results tonight. I wish more days were like today.