Friday, April 16, 2004

First, an explanation:

Out along the roads where I live, I occasionally spot these signs that say "10 Signs Like This $85" and then a phone number. Obviously they're advertising that they'll make signs that say whatever you want them to say. But I envision these signs as some sort of bizarre, cartoonish pyramid scheme, where you call the number and they send you ten signs that say "10 Signs Like This $85." And then someone else calls the number on your signs, and THEY receive ten signs that say "10 Signs Like This $85." Pretty soon the entire county is covered with signs that say "10 Signs Like This $85."

I need professional help.

Anyway, I thought that was a good starting place for a blog that is meant to record little tidbits of my life out here.

The lilacs (mine--nobody else down here is dumb enough to try to grow them in the southern heat) and wisteria are overwith. I wanted to record them in this blog, but didn't really get around to it in time.