Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Red Stripe

I think I sunburned the part in my hair while I was digging out a new row in the garden. Ow.

Allow me a once-a-year Yankee whining session. Don't get me wrong--I love living in the south. But somehow it always comes as a surprise to me when it's April and the temperature is upwards of 75 or 80 degrees F. Last week it hit 85 (29 C). The sun beats down most days from March to November, and SPF 30 sunscreen doesn't seem like enough. I'm afraid I'll look like an old football by the time I'm a senior citizen. Or maybe sooner.

When I talk like this, the s.o. threatens to send me back to Minnesota. No chance of that! I love the Twin Cities with a passion, but I hate all the cold weather up there. It's even worse on me than on most people because I have Raynaud's Syndrome. Repeated frostbite was one of the reasons I decided to pack up and move southward.

And really, you can't argue with a climate like ours where you get to spend so much glorious time outdoors. So I'll stop bitching, 'cause I really do love my (nearly) endless summer.