Friday, April 30, 2004

Two lists

Five CDs I recommend, in no particular order

(1) Slobberbone -- Barrel Chested
A guitarsy, loud album whose sum total emotion is "I hate myself." It's angry, drunken, full of despair. But it's also funny and literate, and it grows on you more and more with each listen.

(2) Enon -- Hocus Pocus
Really eclectic New York City pop, full of beeps and buzzes. Ranges from delicate to raucous. Handy for parties because almost everyone loves it.

(3) Outkast -- Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
I guess almost everybody owns this already, but there's a good reason for that. It's uneven, but the high points make it indispensable. Shake it...

(4) Will Johnson -- Murder of Tides
A solo record by the singer from Centro-Matic (whose records you should also own, by the way). Wrenching, yet funny. He never takes the easy way out with a lyric.

(5) Dirtball -- The Well
The perfect album for driving late at night. I never go on a road trip without it. Weird and haunting; makes you halfway expect to be abducted by aliens at any minute.

Five personal-care products I like, again in no particular order

(1) Caudalie Démaquillant Soin Doux
Takes makeup and grime off your face without feeling like a sandblaster. Leaves skin baby-ass soft.

(2) Tarte "Flush" gel blusher
Gives you just-pinched apple cheeks.

(3) John Frieda Sheer Blonde Funky Chunky texturizer
Without which my hair (which isn't blonde, by the way) would be flat and limp.

(4) Hawaiian Tropic Deep Tanning Oil
Does nothing and has no SPF, but smells like summer and is really nice for evening out rough elbows, etc.

(5) Yardley of London Luscious Island Mango body wash
I think this might be discontinued because I bought it at Big Lots. Really too bad if it is! Smells delicious and does the job.