Sunday, April 18, 2004


I've got to find a way to avoid lugging hoses around.

See, we have a bunch of open acreage, and we're trying to grow things. There's a vegetable garden with its own system of soaker-hoses, which is connected by a longish hose to an electronic timer on the back spigot. Every morning it kicks on for two hours, usually before I crawl out of bed.

Meanwhile, on the front spigot, there are two hoses joined end-to-end with a spray wand on the end. I can water most of the flowers, fruits, and herbs with it, but it won't reach out to the orchard, where there are tender young grapes and cherries trying to get a start in the world.

So every once in a while, I have to disconnect the soaker-hose system, then unhook the front hoses and attach them to the hose that usually leads to the soaker-hoses. Then I haul a million miles of hose behind me as I hike out to the orchard.

Also, every week or so, we have to mow, which means curling up the hoses so we don't run over them.

Perversely, I think a partial solution to the problem might be to get more hoses. Heh.

Anyhow, I have a sense of accomplishment right now. I just planted more radishes because of our newly-discovered endless appetite for radish relish (see my food blog, 4/14). I also added more seeds to our little patch of cilantro, and I planted seeds for summer savory, dill, and tarragon.

Back to much to do...