Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Asleep on the couch

Snoring -- that's how I spent most of my Independence Day. I had planned to go to a cookout at Main Street Yarns & Fibers, but I was simply too exhausted after Jenny's visit. Jenny, it turns out, is a woman of taste, beauty, brains, and hilarity. We loved her from the moment she rang the doorbell.

Jenny not only tolerated repeated friendly assaults by our dogs; she actually doted on her furry attackers. She was brave enough to go into the chicken house and be crowed at by the Mille Fleurs. She drove me around Athens in her car because I don't own a car with air conditioning. The weather was so hot and oppressive that we couldn't stay outdoors for long, but I did manage to show her such Athens landmarks as the Tree That Owns Itself and the Double-Barrelled Cannon. We went thrifting (fruitlessly, but, you know, that's how things go) and ate yummy pastries at Big City Bread. Later on, Jenny survived an Athens bar crawl in the company of me and my dear pal J.

So, wow. I am still reeling from the coolness of my first mini blogmeet. We are so glad Jenny came to visit!

One thing we didn't manage to do while she was here was check our beehives. We meant to, but we just ran out of time. So the s.o. and I pried open the lid this evening and took a look. Holy cow, are those little gals healthy. They have expanded into Level 2 of the hive. There are tons of fuzzy young bees, and the hive is crazy with brood and honey. We tasted a bit of it -- it's dark and nutty and delicious.

I also went blackberry picking this evening. That rain we had last week saved the day; the berries that were dry and inedible before are gigantic and juicy now. I plan on making a batch of blackberry barbecue sauce for the rack of ribs in our freezer.

But right now, I think I might lie down again...