Saturday, July 01, 2006

Some vegetables...

...are doing very well indeed. For some reason (knock on wood), the eggplants are a roaring success and are not having the pest problems I've had in the past. Right now it's all Ichibans, but the Rosa Biancas aren't far behind.

And my mixed pattypan squashes are doing great--so much so that this white one got way bigger than I intended.

Other vegetables, such as my Marmande and San Marzano tomatoes, are not doing well at all. The Marmandes are growing in funky, difficult-to-use shapes (i.e., they are gnarled up and almost impossible to peel for salsa, plus they have green shoulders); the San Marzanos are tiny and pathetic and are succumbing to blossom-end rot. Good thing I have all those Sungolds..although that doesn't help me where canning is concerned.

The Japanese beetles have eaten the top ends of a lot of our ears of sweet corn, but I think they have left us plenty. Which is a miracle, really, because I consider sweet corn very difficult to grow here.

Most of the squash is doing very poorly, because it is having to play catch-up after a nasty battle with squash vine borers. And yes, the squash bugs are doing their best to kill them while they're trying to rebound.

The various kinds of peppers are doing great. Because I can't make salsa (see above, plus my tomatillos aren't quite ready yet), I am inundated with jalapeƱos. I'd pickle some, but I still have three jars of pickled jalapeƱos from last year.