Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I don't have much to say; I just thought you might like to see the ducks in all their fat, shiny glory.

Note the three white Pekin (AKA "Aflac") ducks. They are loud and kind of annoying, so therefore they will be the first to go in the freezer. The buff ducks will probably follow once they've gained a bit more weight. The brown ones with the iridescent wing stripes are the Rouens--they're the ones we've decided to keep and breed. They have very nice personalities, will supposedly lay light-blue eggs*, and are a gorgeous addition to the barnyard.

We have a couple of friends who seem to want to buy ducks from us. The darn birds eat so much food, even when they're free-ranging, that we'd have to charge a zillion dollars to make any kind of profit. (No wonder they sell ducklings rather than full-grown ducks in the freezer section of the grocery!) But I guess I'm not awfully concerned about that.

* Some of you may remember me saying that almost all of our ducks are drakes. Well, it now appears that I was wrong. It's just that the Pekins were so much louder than the others that we couldn't tell who was quacking and who wasn't. I think I hear some faint female quacks from a couple of Rouens, and possibly from that weird tufted Buff. Who knew?