Saturday, May 01, 2004

What girls really do when there are no boys around

So far, the s.o. and I have spent practically the whole weekend in the city. In fact, the s.o. is there as I type this, and I'm about to go back and spend some MORE time downtown in a few minutes. It's a busy time at the bar. I'm doing a lot of bartending, and the s.o. has been drafted to work the sound booth.

We've grabbed most of our meals at drive-thrus en route. My food blog is really suffering because of this! Oh well. Back on track soon.

Anyhow, last night I got done working several hours before the s.o., but we only had one car. So my friend J. and I adjourned to her house to hang out and wait for his shift to be over.

On the way, we stopped and rented some DVDs, plus a cucumber and a lemon so we could make Pimm's Cups (our favorite). This was a recipe for comedy, because J. likes to make light of the fact that some folks find her dykey-looking. We were choking back howls of laughter while she rummaged through the cucumbers at the market, loudly asking, "How's this one, honey?"

We watched The Good Girl first (cue lots of talk about what we'd like to do with delicious Jake Gyllenhaal). Then we traded some clothes we'd been thinking of giving each other (we know each other's tastes pretty well). We were on our second Pimm's Cups, respectively, when our friend S. called. We invited her over.

S. loves to do makeovers. (She even does them on her co-workers while they work in the emergency room at the hospital. Apparently the petroleum-jelly bandages the hospital keeps on hand for burn victims are great for softening calloused hands.) Her greatest struggle in life is avoiding spending all her money at Sephora. Last night she was in her element--she brought a bag of makeup and skin care products with her, as well as a bottle of Absolut Kurant. We did face scrubs and charcoal masks, then we gave ourselves pedicures. We ate some really good chocolate while we were at it.

Then we watched Outside Providence, which was really funny and very worthwhile. J. and S. had both seen it before, but they liked it so well that they were happy to watch it again for my benefit. I suspect I will Netflix it so I can see it again, too.

When the s.o. arrived, we still hadn't dug into S.'s bottle of Absolut. We're really very good girls.