Thursday, May 13, 2004


Apologies to anyone who's been waiting for news, but our cable internet connection picked today of all days to be down! To the cable company's credit, they sent two guys out to our house, then dragged the guys all the way back across two counties to the local office, since it appeared to be a server problem of some kind. Now they have managed to get things running again.

Cable internet service is very new here, and I think we are approximately the third or fourth user in our immediate area. Since the other three people were apparently at work when the problem occurred, I was the canary in the coal mine, the very first and only person to notice a problem. I thought that was kind of amusing.


Around 10 AM I got a call from the veterinary surgeon telling me Cairo was ready to come home. I hopped in the car and sped into town.

Simply put, Cairo is healthy and hilarious. He had been awake all morning, had eaten voraciously, and was passing the time barking at the dogs in neighboring cages. He emerged into the waiting room half-shaved, bandaged, and wearing one of those Elizabethan-looking head cones that's meant to keep a dog from chewing or licking at its stitches. He was already walking better than he had before, because he wasn't dragging a useless leg.

The first thing he did outside the vet's office was squat and pee. I emphasize the "squat" part because previously he was only able to sort of stack himself the way dogs do in the show ring. Now he can bend his hind leg and aim a little!

I pulled up outside our screen porch and the s.o. came running out. He caught sight of the Elizabethan version of Cairo and yelled, "Wait! I have to go get the camera!" He snapped photos as Cairo nosed around, banging the head cone on everything in his path. We laughed ourselves silly. I almost feel guilty about laughing so hard. He'll fur out again soon, though, and the cone will come off. Then people will have to count his feet to notice there's anything different about him!

Cairo does not seem to be in any pain, and he's sleeping peacefully when he's crated. He's happy and playful when he's out. He has two medications--an antibiotic to keep infections at bay, and an antacid that the doc prescribed because he had vomited during his surgery. Amazingly (and happily), the antacid kept Cairo from puking in my car on the way home! He alternated between sleeping and trying to crawl into my lap while I drove.

Silver is ecstatic to have her little brother home again. On the other hand, the cat is hiding. I suppose I would too, if I were her.

I'm so relieved and happy!