Thursday, May 20, 2004


I am exhausted because I finally finished planting two rows of sweet corn.

Silver won't stop barking, but I can't blame her because there are deer prancing all over the back yard. They were actually out there while I was gardening.

Cairo is lying on the living room rug, panting in the heat. We haven't turned on the air conditioning yet this year, but the time is drawing near.

I am drinking a Captain & Diet Coke and idly wishing there wasn't a Braves game on, because then I could watch something more interesting on the TV. But that's really selfish of me, because the s.o. and I made a deal this summer that as long as he was allowed to watch all the baseball he wanted, I could pick everything else. So the Braves it is.

I have airline and car-rental reservations on my desk. It's on!