Monday, May 03, 2004

Status report

This little guy is unbeatable. I took him out first thing this morning and he ran until he found a spot to pee. Then he walked back over to me and lay down on my foot. I brought him back inside thinking he'd lie down and relax, but eventually I had to put him back in the crate because he was so full of energy and wouldn't stay off his leg.

He is eating and drinking heartily. He always wants to be touching us. I'll be taking him to the regular vet later today to get the routine things, such as immunizations and bug-bombing, done.

We've named him Cairo (after Joel Cairo in The Maltese Falcon). It's because he has very exotic, mascara'd-looking eyes. He's part golden retriever and part chow (we think).

And since referring to "the dog" won't do around here anymore, here's an FYI: Our other dog is named Silver. She's a border collie mix. I think she is a little jealous of her new brother, but we're trying our best to let her know that she's still the top dog and that we love her just as much as we always have.

Meanwhile, the cat has taken one good swipe at Cairo so far, and he's still curious about her. He'll learn!