Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fractional progress

I've finished the dining room! It took forever because I kept getting interrupted. And sometimes I couldn't bear to look at it, so I worked a little bit on other rooms. But it's done, and it looks really nice.

Tonight I talked with my mother on the phone for about an hour, and after I got off the phone I was all fired up to work (she has that effect on me...she makes me more efficient in some pleasant subconscious way, I think). I went upstairs and put a last touch-up coat of drywall mud on the walls of the half-bath, and then I caulked everything within an inch of its life. Tomorrow I can sand it and paint it.

"It'll be another whole room--done!" I enthused to the s.o. after telling him of my plans.

"Well, a 'whole room' is kind of pushing it," he said.

He has a point. It's a half-bath, legally speaking (meaning that there's a toilet and a sink, but no tub or shower), but we've always jokingly called it the quarter-bath or the eighth-bath. It's in a corner of the upstairs where the angle of the roof cuts in rather steeply from both sides. It's a little hazardous for anyone who's taller than we are (5'7"). We've thought about putting a "DUCK" sign on the doorjamb.

But what a beautiful experience it will be, painting a room whose ceiling I can reach without a ladder! I hate ladders. This'll be an easy one, even if it only counts as an eighth.