Thursday, August 12, 2004

No sleep

The s.o. and I have both been stuffed up lately, for two different reasons. For him, it's the fact that he ate a bowl of Turtle Tracks ice cream and then realized he's just as lactose-intolerant as he's always been. He has spent the last couple of days sneezing and blowing snot into a giant pile of tissues next to his computer.

For me, it's the fact that I finally sanded the dining room walls. *applause*
I wear a mask when I sand, of course, but the dust gets everywhere. I've been hacking up white goo ever since.

So last night we were already getting a great start on a night of congested not-sleeping when the storm rolled in. It came fast. One minute I thought I heard a couple of spatters of rain; the next there was a loud CRACK! and both the s.o. and I jumped three feet out of bed. Lightning kept striking close and hard. By the time it was past, we both felt caffeinated. We lay in bed twitching for hours.

I think I had just dropped off to sleep when a work-related call came in this morning. I woke up instantly and tried to bolt out of bed and take the call in my office, but I was pinned in place by the cat. I took the call in bed, which of course woke the s.o.

So I'm up now. It's still raining. I missed the trash pickup (dammit!) and I'm wet because I had to stand out under an ineffective umbrella while the dogs sniffed around. What a great start.